Human Hair Closure Questions And Answers

Human Hair Closure Questions And Answers

Closures provide one of the best protection for your hair. They are attached to sew-ins, weaves, and some wigs, such as closure wigs. Closures have a lace base that makes any hair look like it grows from your scalp. Despite being human hair, they are cheaper alternatives to lace wigs and still give the same look. Most people are familiar with regular weaves, wigs, and extensions. Nevertheless, they know so little about hair closures. In this extract, we discuss the common human hair closure questions and answers.

Questions about closures

Closures come in different designs depending on their use. They are ideal for providing full hair coverage with varying partings. Other than this, there's so much more information about closures you need to know. Some of the answered questions are;

1. Why should you get a human hair closure?

The stylist leaves a part of your hair out to blend altogether for most weaves and some wigs. Keeping that sectioned hair clean, neat, and good-looking all the time is tricky. Having a closure is the best idea to avoid dealing with this. Also, it covers your natural hair completely, protecting it from external damages. Additionally, closures have a lace base that mimics the scalp like a lace frontal. They are much affordable than the frontals considering they give a similar appearance.

2. Is plucking necessary with a human hair closure?

If it's not pre-plucked, you must do it before applying. Plucking helps you get a natural hairline. The natural look always gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. When you fail to pluck, the closure hairline looks unnatural as it's unreasonably straight. Closures have varying partings depending on the position of installation. You can pluck the part if necessary to resemble the scalp.

3. What size is a human hair closure

Closures come in various sizes and dimensions. Their sizes differ based on their widths. Therefore you can get them in dimensions of 4x5, 4x3.5, 4x4, and 5x5. Closures are usually smaller than frontals as they cover the installation area only. Other than the standard sizes, you can customize your closure as per your head size. The process requires a skilled professional to pluck well and give the measurements you need.

4. How many bundles do you require for your closure?

The length of your preferred bundles determines the quantity. The longer the bundles, the more the number. For example, with 8-14 inches, you need two bundles. 16-22 inches three bundles are enough. Anything above 22 inches requires four bundles.

5. Can you dye a human hair closure?

You can bleach closures like any other human hair wig. Pick the suitable dye and follow the given instructions for good results.

6. How long can a closure last?

For anything to last, you must care for it well. Likewise, a closure will last if it's maintained well. Create a care routine, apply suitable products and brush gently.

Bottom line

Treat a hair closure like any other hair. It covers leave-outs or installation points but needs proper maintenance to last. Like frontals, closures create a natural-looking hairline or part. They come in different sizes and cover a much smaller area of your head. Closure are fantastic pieces. Select the right kind for you and learn about it before installation.